Keto Belgian Waffle Recipe

Keto Belgian Waffle Recipe
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I have to admit, I have always eaten Belgian Waffles a little differently than everyone else. Unlike the majority of people that probably like their waffles sweet, I tend to prefer mine totally different. For the sake of typical presentation, and how my wife likes to eat her’s, I will show them with Butter and Lakanto Maple Flavored Monkfruit Syrup on them. I on the other hand like to eat mine with sausage patties, 4 over-easy eggs (one on each waffle section) and Jalapeno Tabasco sauce. Maybe I was just born to be Keto, LOL!

If you have tried our hugely popular Keto Pancake Recipe before, this recipe is very similar. You could make this with 1 & 1/2 Cups of Almond Flour instead if you prefer, but we figured for this recipe we would feature Coconut Flour and also flavor these a little differently. This produces a thicker batter, which makes the waffles very fluffy and full too. If you follow the recipe as written you should get 3 Full-size Belgian Waffles out of it, depending of course on the size of your waffle maker at home.

If you like your waffles a little crispier than fluffy, you can opt to add some oil to the waffle mix too which will help crisp up the outer edges. Once you get these bad boys out of the waffle iron you will want to top them and eat the right away. Feel free to top them with some fresh blueberries or strawberries and some homemade whipped cream if you prefer that over butter and syrup. Or try them my way with the sausage, eggs, and hot sauce!


Ease of Preparation: Easy

Prep Time: 5 Minutes (assuming you’ve already softened the Cream Cheese)

Cooking Time: 4 Minutes per Waffle

Total Time: 9+ Minutes

Keto Belgian Waffle Nutrition Label



  1. Pour the 1/3 Cup Coconut Flour into a Large Mixing Bowl or a Food Processor.
  2. Place the Softened Cream Cheese in next.
  3. Pour the Maple Flavor on top.
  4. Crack the 6 Large Eggs and add to the mixture.
  5. Add the Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, Baking Powder, and Xanthan Gum, and blend thoroughly.
  6. Pre-heat your Waffle Iron, and spray with either Avocado Cooking Spray or your preferred Non-stick spray.
  7. You will probably need to cook this waffle on the iron’s darker settings, about 3/4 of the way dark is about right on our Waffle Iron.
  8. Cook for about 4 minutes or until the Waffle Iron tells you it is ready.
  9. Plate them and smother with butter, or toppings of your choice. If you like the flavor of Maple Syrup you should consider the Lakanto Maple Flavored Monkfruit Syrup.

Optional: If you want your waffles a little crispy you can add some extra oil to this batter too. Additionally, you can experiment with adding different flavoring extracts or spices to the mix to make them taste the way you like. Sometimes we add pumpkin spice mix for a seasonal flavor, other times we may add Pecans or Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips for some variety too.

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