Keto Breakfast Hash Recipe

Keto Breakfast Hash Recipe
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This Keto Breakfast Hash Recipe is perfect if you are craving some Country Potatoes, but trying to eat Keto or Low Carb. By replacing the usual Potatoes with some fresh Organic Turnips, you will get the flavor and bite that won’t have you missing a potato any time soon. This makes a great Keto Breakfast that you can prepare on the weekends for the whole family.

Even though some people may consider the 8g of Net Carbohydrates per serving to be too high, you do have to remember that this is meant to be an alternative to a Potato dish that would be completely off the diet otherwise, and besides….eat what’s within your personal Macros. Eating 3 Meals a day, you can handle the Net Carbs as long as you evenly space them out throughout the day. Also, most of the carbohydrates come from the vegetables, which are one of the best way to get your carbs in for the day anyhow.

Feel free to experiment with this dish to tailor it to your liking. We are only here to inspire and to show options that you can consider. This could also be made with Rutabaga or Radishes instead of the Turnips too if you want. All three of those choices make great Keto-friendly alternatives to potatoes.



PREP TIME: 10 Minutes

COOKING TIME: 25 Minutes

TOTAL TIME: 35 Minutes

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  1. Start by Chopping the Uncured Bacon into pieces that are roughly 1/2″ Thick.
  2. Heat a Skillet or Cast Iron Pan up to Medium-High Heat and Cook the Uncured Bacon to render the fat from it. You will not cook it fully to a crisp at this point, because the Bacon will be added back in on a later step.
  3. Remove the Uncured Bacon from the Skillet or Cast Iron Pan but retain the Bacon Grease in the Pan.
  4. Dice up 1/2 a Medium White Onion, and 4 Small Turnips. The smaller the dicing the better in my opinion.
  5. Caramelize the Onions in the Bacon Grease for a few minutes.
  6. Add 2 Tablespoons of Organic Ghee to the Skillet.
  7. Add the Diced Turnips to the Onions, and stir to coat evenly in the Bacon Grease & Organic Ghee. Cooke until the Turnips are browned.
  8. Add the Bacon back into the Skillet and stir to mix evenly with the other ingredients.
  9. Season with Pink Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper to your personal liking.
  10. Prepare 1 Bunch of Fresh Curley Parsley by removing the stems and chopping the leaves. Add 1 handful of Curly Parsley to the dish.
  11. Make 4 Holes evenly spaced around the pan to accomodate your Cage-Free Eggs, and Crack one egg into each of the nests made.
  12. Shred 1 Cup of Cheddar Cheese over the top of the dish, but not over the Eggs if you can help it.
  13. Optionally you may top with Diced Green Onion Stalks as well as serve with e side of Pico de Gallo for extra flavoring if you like.
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