Keto Maple Pecan Ice Cream Recipe

Keto Maple Pecan Ice Cream Recipe
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Usually when people think of Ice Cream they are probably thinking of Vanilla or Chocolate, but I wanted to go all out on this Ice Cream recipe and make something a little more special. As an added bonus, you also get to make up a big batch of Candied Pecans that will make a great low-carb snack throughout the week as well as putting some of the extras on top of the ice cream if you want to also.

Butter Pecan is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream, so I created something close here with the Maple Pecan Ice Cream recipe. As an added bonus, if you have about 2 more carbs to spare you can drizzle the ice cream in your bowl with a little bit of the ChocZero Maple Pecan Syrup (but don’t put it in the frozen ice cream or it will freeze hard as a rock).

This might look like it is a complicated dish, and I would classify it as a moderate dish but still not too complicated as say my Fried Rice recipe. Plus you have a dessert that you can keep in the freezer for up to a couple weeks if you want to treat yourself over a period of time. So it’s not like you have to make this all that often. The Recipe yields about a quart or so of Ice Cream, and it is very filling and packed with fat. Think of it as your frozen ice cream fat bomb!

Keto Maple Pecan Ice Cream Recipe


Ease Of Preparation: Moderate

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 60 Minutes

Total Time: 75 Minutes

Keto Maple Pecan Ice Cream Recipe Nutrition Facts



  1. Preheat the Oven to 250*F.
  2. In a Large Mixing Bowl whisk Egg White and Water together.
  3. In a small bowl combine Lakanto Golden Monkfruit Sweetener, Cinnamon, and 1 Teaspoon Salt.
  4. Pour Pecans into the large mixing bowl, and stir to coat evenly with the egg mixture.
  5. Gradually sprinkle the Sugar Mixture into the Pecans while stirring. Ensure even distribution.
  6. On a Large Baking Sheet covered with Parchment Paper (You will thank me later when you don’t have to scrape caramelized pecans off your baking sheet) pour the pecan mixture out and spread out as evenly as you can into a single layer.
  7. Bake Pecans @ 250*F for about 1 Hour, and when done set on the counter to cool.
  8. While the Pecans are baking combine Coconut Cream, Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener, 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract, and 2 Teaspoons Maple Flavoring in a Large Saucepan and warm over high heat until all contents are dissolved.
  9. Whip the mixture either by hand, or with a hand mixer using a whisk attachment. You will want to whip in some air bubbles to build up some volume.
  10. One you have the mixture whisked up, add in the Xantan Gum and continue to Whisk again until the texture is nice and thickened a little.
  11. Transfer contents to an adequate container to store in the Refrigerator for the next 30-45 minutes to allow to firm up while the Pecans finish cooking. It will chill to a pudding-like texture so don’t worry.
  12. Once the Pecans finish cooking take a Chilled Large Mixing Bowl and pour in 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream and Whisk with hand Mixer until peaks form.
  13. Add in 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract and 1 Teaspoon Maple Flavoring and continue Whisking for a minute or so.
  14. Using a spatula, add the chilled mixture we previously stored in the refrigerator, and fold to incorporate.
  15. Whisk this mixture together for a couple minutes using the hand mixer to create an even mixture, at first it may seem odd or lumpy but keep whisking it.
  16. Add in the desired amount of Pecans (I generally put about 1/4 in the Ice Cream and reserve the rest for toppings and for snacks later they are darn good by themselves), and fold the mixture together with spatula carefully.
  17. Transfer to a suitable container for freezing, cover, and freeze for at least 6 hours or so. Generally overnight freezing is preferred.
  18. When ready to serve remove from freezer 5-10 minutes ahead of time to allow to soften, this is a high fat ice cream so it will freeze a little harder than typical ice cream.
  19. Top with some of the remaining Pecans if you desire (1 more net Carb per serving), and sometimes I even top it with ChocZero Maple Pecan Syrup too for a lot more fiber and 2 more Net Carbs if you can spare them!

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