Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe
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This is a very tasty, and very cheesy Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe that almost anyone would love. By substituting the traditional breadcrumbs for crushed up Parmesan Cheese Whisps, we end up with an extra Parmesan version that tastes even better than the original. If you are looking for a Low-Carb, Keto, or maybe even just a Gluten Free version, this can become your go-to.

The Parmesan Whisps are fairly easy for many people to find, as they sell large bags of them at Costco, and you can often find small bags in the Deli Department at Walmart too. When crushed up or put through the food processor, they have a very similar texture to panko bread crumbs. This alternative is also great for those who do not eat pork, as many of my other fried chicken recipes call for pork rinds instead.

For the Marinara Sauce you can either use Rao’s Homemade Marinara, which often has the lowest carb count, or you can use Mezzetta Marinara which usually costs much less with typically only one more net carb per serving. In total this dish really doesn’t use much marinara, with about 1 serving of sauce spread across 2 servings of chicken.

Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe 2


Ease of Preparation: Easy

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Total Time: 40 Minutes




  1. Preheat the Oven to Broil (Usually about 500*F).
  2. Start by taking the Chicken Breast and trimming off any Tenders or Rib Meat that may be present, and then cutting the breast down the middle about 3/4 of the way through. Open the breast up to “butterfly” it.
  3. Place the Chicken Breast between 2 pieces of Parchment Paper (or place in a gallon size Ziploc bag), and either roll it flatter with a rolling pin, or pound it flat with a meat hammer.
  4. Once you have your Chicken evenly flattened out, place it in a shallow mixing bowl to soak in a mixture of the whisked eggs and Heavy Whipping Cream.
  5. In a Food Processor or in a Ziploc Bag, add the Parmesan Cheese Whisps and crush until finely ground. Add the Parmesan Whisps to a Large Plate and season with Oregano, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, and Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese and mix together.
  6. Heat 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil to 325F in a Large Frying Pan.
  7. Remove the Chicken Breast from the Egg Mixture and gently shake off any excess, and transfer to the plate with the Cheese Whisps mixture. Coat evenly on both sides, and firmly press the coating into the chicken as good as you can.
  8. Add the Chicken to the Skillet and pan fry on both sides for about 5 minutes each side. Right when you flip the Chicken add 4 TBSP of Butter to the pan on the outer edges.
  9. When the Chicken is fried on both sides, place on a Baking Dish, and top with abut 1/4 Cup of the Marinara Sauce and the sliced Mozzarella Cheese. Season the Mozzarella with Salt and Pepper, and optionally add some Fresh Basil Leaves for some aroma.
  10. Broil in the Oven for about 15 minutes, or until fully cooked. The cheese may or may not have time to bubble depending on how long it takes for your chicken to cook all the way.
  11. Remove from oven, and cover the plate with the remaining 1/4 Cup Marinara Sauce before plating the Chicken Parmesan.


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34 thoughts on “Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe”

    • Kay, I am working on calculating those, but I need to figure out how much of the oil and butter actually gets absorbed into the food. If I list the full amount it would be a little bit misleading since the chicken does not absorb all of it and would not have as much fat in reality as what the total ingredients list would add up to.

  • Olive oil should not be used for frying. It has to low of a smoke point. Use it as a condiment or dressing onlyh. Use refined coconut or avocado oil. Both can handle higher heat.

  • I’m confused. It says two servings, but there’s just one piece of chicken. I’m assuming you mean for us to now cut it in half, but then why would you bother to butterfly it rather than just cut it into two pieces to start with? Could you clarify? Thanks!

      • I think you’ve missed my point. I agree that butterflying the chicken is correct procedure and this whole thing would be one serving. But you’ve said it’s two servings then plated it as one serving. If you really intend it to be two servings, wouldn’t it be simpler to just cut all the way through when “butterflying” so that you have two thinner pieces and go forward from there? I guess my actual question is whether you intended that one chicken breast to be two servings and, if so, why it was prepared and plated as one.

  • Loved it!!!
    Generally Keto recipies call for salt when you are already adding a lot of cheese and at the end I find them too salty for me. So I followed this recipe but I did not add salt and I added half of the cheese 🧀 that the recipie called for.
    It came out perfect 👌 and I will do it again. Love it!

  • why does the recipe indicate to fry the chicken 5 minutes per side, but when watching the video in says 3 minutes per side? which is correct?

    • I have made traditional chicken parmesan. I am not sure why the different times. I do know that you need to brown both sides. The remaining cooking time is done in the oven. It will cook quick because it is butterflied. Hope this helps. I am making tonight. Can’t wait.

  • I havent made your bread yet but could you dry out some of the keto Bread and use it as bread crumbs instead of the parmesan whisps?

  • Made this dish tonight & it was wonderful. I entered it in Carb Manager & was very surprised at the outcome. I was wondering if you have figured it out yet?

  • Why do you oil then add the butter,alot of fat content! Plugging up our arteries! ! Concerned!

  • Everyone seems to do a lot of complaining…perhaps if they followed your instructions as I did…it would come put amazing!


  • What could I substitute for 1/2 C Parmesan crisps for the 1/2 c? Could I use 1/2 cup shredded Parmesan instead?..

  • What would you use as a side(s) with this dish? It looks absolutely amazing and I’m wanting to do it for dinner one night. Just wondering if you had any recommendations that would pair well with it!!

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