Keto Crab Cakes Recipe

These Keto Crab Cakes are a great low-carb recipe that’s packed with some classic flavor. Rather than being loaded up with crushed up crackers or bread crumbs like a traditional Crab Cake, This Keto version uses some good ole trusty Almond Flour. I keep a big 3 pound bag of Almond Flour on hand in the cupboard at almost all times, because it really is such a versatile ingredient when you are cooking Keto Recipes.

Some people may prefer to use Worcestershire Sauce instead of the Coconut Aminos, but Coconut Aminos are more Keto-friendly than the Worcestershire. You could swap out the Yellow Mustard for some Dijon Mustard for a little different flavor if that is your preference, just read the label to make sure that your Mustard is not sweetened. I used to think that all Mustards were sugar-free but I picked some up at the store to read labels and saw that some actually have sugar in them, and Dijon was a common culprit.

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Keto Crab Cakes Nutrition InfoEase of Preparation: Easy

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

Total Time: 30 Minutes





  1. Dice 1/2 Cup of White Onion, and brown in a skillet over Medium Heat with 2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  2. In a Large Mixing Bowl add the 1 Pound of Lump Crab Meat, then add the Browned Onions.
  3. Then add in the Almond Flour, Egg Whites, Avocado Mayo, Coconut Aminos, Yellow Mustard, Dried Parsley Flakes, and Old Bay Seasoning.
  4. Stir the mixture until it is thoroughly combined.
  5. Set some Parchment Paper on a Large Baking Sheet to set the uncooked crab cakes onto, and then scoop out roughly 1/8th of the mixture to form each individual crab cake.
  6. In a Skillet over Medium heat, warm up 2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil, and then add as many Crab Cakes as you can at a time without them touching each other. Cook on each side for about 3-5 minutes or until Golden Brown.
  7. Once cooked, serve right away with your choice of a side dish.

Special Note: We added a bonus to this video, showing how to prepare some tasty green beans as a side dish. Please feel free to watch the video below to get the recipe if you wish to try it too.


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  1. These were delicious! I made them exactly as the recipe stated and even my daughter liked them 🙂

  2. I made these. Excellent!

  3. How would I cook in the oven instead of frying?

  4. I wasn’t paying attention and bought just white crab meat instead of lump crab meat. Can I still use that? I can’t get it ti stick together

  5. I just found your site on facerbook and would love to know more as I am at a loss with what to do to lose weight.
    I hit the pdf and continue button and then it asks for me to hit the chrome button and then the extention button…I am lost after hitting the continue button. Not sure who else to ask for this info and help to be able to follow your wonderful recipes..thanks

    1. Are you trying to print out the recipes?

  6. Saved this on Pinterest. Those green beans looks suspiciously like asparagus. LOL Got to collect my ingredients, and then I’ll be making these!

  7. I’m going to try and make this, but do you have recipe for sauce over string beans, please?

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